Afam Aluminum Rear Sprocket Aprilia RS 125 -05, Cagiva Mito 125, 520 chain, 37 teeth

Afam Aluminum Rear Sprocket Aprilia RS 125 -05, Cagiva Mito 125, 520 chain, 37 teeth

Manufacturer: Afam

Part Number: 4520337

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For those who do not know Afam: take a look at MotoGP swing arms... how many riders has an Afam sticker over there or over the fairings? Valentino has two, Doohan had two.
Coming from circuit needs, Afam was born. His factory produces only bikes parts!
Front Sprockets (counter shaft) are  made of chromoly steel, machined all over for accuracy. Many of these are available drilled and machined for lightness. (normally 520 and 415)

Rear sprockets are essentially two types: Steel and aluminum.
Every sprocket is made on precision, computer controlled equipment. The teeth are machined to the latest standards, for maximum chain life and more efficient power transmission. The teeth and the outside diameter are cut at the same time. This makes sure the teeth are concentric to the sprocket center.
Every sprocket is made from heat treated 7075-T6 aluminum, hard anodized finished for extra durability

  • Steel: ideal replacement of the OEM part, where quality is not better is the same of the original.
    Every sprocket is heat treated through an induction hardening then tempered to produce exactly the correct hardness for durability and efficient power delivery. To correct any distortion that may have occurred during these stages, the sprockets are put through a special flattening machine. For corrosion resistance, the steel sprockets are bright zinc plated.
  • Aluminum: the max for those who want to light final transmission or have on board an accessory that on expert riders have. Usually we have on stock 520 or 415 sprockets but original chain size could be ordered.
    Made from heat treated 7075-T6 aluminum we offer them only hard anodize finished for an extend life time.

A drilled front sprocket example:

A 7075-T6 rear sprocket example:

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