Brembo T-Drive Brake Discs for Yamaha R1 15-, R6 17-, MT-10 / FZ-10, 2 Disks

32mm braking rotor, 5,5mm thickness, dim 320 mm

Brembo T-Drive Brake Discs for Yamaha R1 15-, R6 17-, MT-10 / FZ-10, 2 Disks; 32mm braking rotor, 5,5mm thickness, dim 320 mm

Brembo T-Drive Brake Discs for Yamaha R1 15-, R6 17-, MT-10 / FZ-10, 2 DisksBrembo T-Drive Brake Discs for Yamaha R1 15-, R6 17-, MT-10 / FZ-10, 2 DisksBrembo T-Drive Brake Discs for Yamaha R1 15-, R6 17-, MT-10 / FZ-10, 2 DisksBrembo T-Drive Brake Discs for Yamaha R1 15-, R6 17-, MT-10 / FZ-10, 2 Disks  

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Brembo T-Drive Brake Discs Set, 2 Front Racing Disks, One Left + One Right Disk.

A product of experience acquired in SBK and MotoGP, the brand new T-Drive is the next generation of product reflecting the natural evolution of Brembo brake discs engineered for competition use. This is a pure racing part.

The key feature of the new T-drive system is an innovative method of transferring brake torque from disc to wheel, in which the conventional system of cylindrical bobbins are replaced by a set of eight “T” pins on the disc and eight corresponding segments formed in the disc carrier.

The special shape of the pins was developed following a targeted study of machining tolerances and ensures braking torque can be transmitted more efficiently, by offering increased resistance to thermal and mechanical stresses, especially under extreme operations such as those encountered in competition.

The connection between disc and carrier is assured by a special guillotine type interface (patent applied for), which allows both radial and axial float, as well as reducing the overall weight of the disc. This brings considerable advantages in terms of enhanced rideability, when compared with the conventional disc-carrier interface using round bobbins.

Price is for TWO Front Discs.


Purchase from us with confidence, Carpi Moto is an authorized and official Brembo Racing Point.

  Customer Questions & Answers
 Good afternoon Sorry to bother but don't won't to order wrong parts Só since the R1M don't have floating discs ( keeping In mind that I whant to stay with abs etc so everithink Stock ) what will be the best option in :Discs Pads Radial pump Because in the catalogue the references for this bike , are floating disc premium . Rcs pump 17 Pads ? Regards João
May / 30 / 2017
For street use full floating disks are not recommended because they are noisy and because the disk lifetime is shorter (because of the floating bushes). But for track days the difference is amazing, more and stable performance, you should decide then what you need. Regarding Master Cylinder I suggest 19RCS for street use or 19x18 CNC for track. Pads: for street use I suggest Bremnbo SC or ZCOO, for track Brembo Z04.

 Hi, I would like to buy the next set for my motorbike Yamaha R1 2017. Are there any particularities I should pay attention to? Brembo GP4-RS 108 mm calipers + Brembo T Drive 320mm brake disc + Brembo 19 RCS Corsa Corta with bracket kit. I have read that with this set the ABS functionality must be disabled. Is that correct?
May / 31 / 2019
Yes correct, but for GP4RS the correct mc is 17RCS, you can use also with 19RCS btw. You will need also new brake lines. We also recommed GP4 RX with these disks because GP4RS are not so much different from your stock calipers.

Hi, Can I use the following parts with my orginal stock calipers?1) Brembo T Drive 320mm brake disc + 2) Brembo 19 RCS Corsa CortaHereinafter I will buy also the Brembo GP4 RX calipers but for a short time the setup is first with the stock calipers.
June / 25 / 2019
1) Full compatible. 2) Brembo 19 RCS Corsa Corta :Compatible but not recommended with stock and not recommended also with GP4RX. for more detail place your question inside the Brembo 19 RCS Corsa Corta page.

 Hi i have a 2016 r1m and want to get the brembo rotors i was wondering which rotor i should get. T drive or supersport.My main use of the bike is roll and drag racing and would want to get a goodset of rotors for weight saving and to reduce brake drag (with the full floaters). What do you suggest? Do you have the actual weight if the rotors? Thanks
November / 11 / 2019
T-Drive is lighter than SS, both are full floating and both are excellent disks. As far as the T-Drive is the Brembo flagship disks we have no doubts to recommend it.

 I live in Switzerland, do they have KBA ?
June / 09 / 2020
Right now they don't have KBA .

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