Tyre Warmers Carpi Moto Premium Track by Thermal Technology, 1 Set Superbike tire warmers, Size XXL, color Black/Black

Tyre Warmers Carpi Moto Premium Track by Thermal Technology, 1 Set Superbike tire warmers, Size XXL, color Black/Black

Tyre Warmers Carpi Moto Premium Track by Thermal Technology, 1 Set Superbike tire warmers, Size XXL, color Black/Black  

Manufacturer: Thermal Technology


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In motorsport at all levels tyre warmers are essential, riders and teams already know that, right now also amatuer riders know that the first 3 laps during track days can be very dangerous without hot tyres, and finally tyres wear is better if you use tyrewarmers before every round.

Carpi Moto PREMIUM Track model is a product with superior technical features, simplified in workmanship and materials, but by far superior to all the products in this price range.

  • Front Tyre Warmer Heating Section Width: 190mm
  • Rear Tyre Warmer Heating Section Width: 300mm
  • Side Wall Width: 45mm
  • Temperature: 85° C
  • Control Led: Red
  • Tyre Size: Front 120/17" - Rear from 200/60/17"
  • Colors: Black with Black Sidewall
  • Outer Fabric: Cotton / Polyester
  • Insulation: Single reflective layer insulation
  • Elettric Section: Transversal electric layout
  • Fastening: Velcro Fabric Fastening
  • Elastic Stretcher: Elastic side wall
  • Power Supply: 230V
  • Power Consumption: Front 370W, Rear 560W
  • Resistors: Carbon Fiber
  • Temperature Control: 85°C (185° F) Bimetallic thermostat
  • Power cable: 1800 mm (5,9 feet) bipolar
  • Washable: Dry Clean
  • Repairable: Yes
  • Limited Warranty: 2 Years
  • Production and components: Italian R&D , made in Italy Fabrics, Electronic components produced in the U.S., Assembly in Romania

Please Note: this product application make web site search easier, these tirewarmers will fit your bike only if the tires fitted are: 120/17 Front "- Rear 17" measures from 200/60.

Copyright Carpi Moto srl.

  Customer Questions & Answers
 Do you have this tyre warmer with power supply 110V, (this voltage is used in my country)
May / 30 / 2018
No, this model is not available 110volts

Hi there! Will this tyre warmers suit 200/55? I'm wondering because in general, I use 200/60, but sometimes 200/55 or bridgestone 200/655.Thanks!
November / 12 / 2018
They fit but they are too big, then you should be very carefull while fitting, no heated parts should stay one over the other.

 Hi! I'm using a VTRSP2 with 07-08zx10r wheels ... normally I used 200/60 all the time ! May I use XXL or the XL is fair enough ???
February / 13 / 2019
To cover and warm up correctly you need XXL.

 Hi, what time does it take for this warmers to heat the tyres?
December / 09 / 2019
At least 30 minutes, we recommend one Hour to warm up the wheel too.

 Hi I am after a set of tyre warmers for 200/60/17 & 120/70/17. Digital temperature gauge with variable temperature setting.
October / 31 / 2021
Choose a different model, Race or Evo models have the features you are looking for.

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