RK 520 ZXW XW-Ring Black Scale Chain, 120 links, 520 size

RK 520 ZXW XW-Ring Black Scale Chain, 120 links, 520 size

RK 520 ZXW XW-Ring Black Scale Chain, 120 links, 520 size  

Manufacturer: RK

Part Number: RK520ZXWBL-120

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RK’s ZXW series are the top of the line Street Use / Road Race and Superbike chains, offering the best in high-speed and extreme heat performance.

BLACK SCALE : The inner and Outher Plates are Electro Deposition Black Painted, assembled with Plating Gold Pin and Roller.Extremly Strong against RUST!

ZXW Series were developed to meet the spec of the latest models of extreme superbike 1000Cc and above.

The ZXW chain was created in cooperation with RK's Race department engineers, who support racing teams . That is why ZXW chains are ideal for closed-circuit sports applications in addition to everyday applications. ZXW series chains go on first assembly to many motorcycle models from different manufacturers.

The leading edge XW-Ring seal is made of an advanced Nitrile Butadiene composite and features three contact lips and two convex inner/outer stabilizers. This means three lubrication pools to protect against high-speed abrasion, heat build up, torsional flex and the loss of lubricant under these extreme conditions. As a result ZXW chains provide the user with up to 10 times longer wear life compared to standard chains. ZXW chain seals are compression and distortion resistant to provide the ultimate in rotating efficiency.

STREET USE: RK’s ZXW is the right chain replacement for all the motorcycle up to 1200cc
Is the oem chain on most Japanese and Europeran motorcycle. For example is the first equipment chain of Honda CB1000, CBR1000RR, Suzuki GSX-R 1000, GSX-1000, GSX-R 1300, etc etc.

SUPER BIKE USE: RK ZXW Series are designed to be the top line for Superbike and Road Racing/Endurance Racing, featuring light weight, high strength and durability.RK’s only technology of XW-Ring extremely improves the chain life and lower friction, providing high performance under extreme conditions such as 24 hours endurance races.

Specifics :

  • XW-RING.
  • Size 520.
  • Black Electroplated Plates.
  • Link: Rivet Link included
  • Tensile Strength 4280Kg (42 KN).
  • Max CC Rating: 1200cc

Length : motorcycle applications shown on this page have been added according to RK local distributor catalog, and are based on the original sprocket teeth. Before placing the order check your chain size and length (each plate counts for two). Chain is supplied open, use the included rivet type link to close the chain.

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 RK520GXW 120 Links Doesless inventory?RK520GXW I want to buy 120 links. I can see if it's possible?
January / 09 / 2022
No more produced, purchase ZXW .

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