TEKNOCLEANER by MA-FRA, all-purpose grease remover, 500ml spray containergrease remover, 500ml spray container

TEKNOCLEANER by MA-FRA, all-purpose grease remover, 500ml spray container
grease remover, 500ml spray container


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TEKNOCLEANER is an all-purpose grease remover, ideal for instantly eliminating traces of grease from all mechanical parts of the bike; it produces excellent results on disk brakes, chains and carburettor exteriors. TEKNOCLEANER was developed by MA-FRA researchers working in close collaboration with experts from the leading bike manufacturers and with technicians from the top Superbike and GP teams, who needed a product specifically for maintenance of carburettors, brake and transmission systems. The resulting product is quick and safe to use and ensures a perfect finish.

The name TEKNOCLEANER tells clearly what this product’s strong point is: it is a detergent and grease remover based on high tech solutions, effective but without in any way affecting the O-rings. TEKNOCLEANER is indispensable for complete elimination of grease and dirt from chains, prior to application of lubricant CHAINROAD, or superlubricant CHAINRACE.

TEKNOCLEANER is available in practical 500 ml spray containers.

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