Clear Lens Led Rear Light with Integral Indicators for Honda CB1000R

Clear Lens Led Rear Light with Integral Indicators for Honda CB1000R


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Part Number: CM.LEDH111

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This Product is available in our warehouse
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Replace existing rear light units with a striking LED unit.

The replacement unit simply bolts in place of the existing unit.

Functions: Rear Light (street legal), Stop (street legal), Indicators (not street legal), License Plate Light (if present in stock light, street legal).

Wiring harness is plug & play just for lights: rear light plugs use the stock plug, while indicators should be wired; even if stock indicators can work together with, we suggest to remove them.

  Customer Questions & Answers
Hi, I want to order a couple of things, but I have a question. I would like to ask, this tail light is suitable for the standard Honda CB 1000R (09) tail? I am asking because in the photo it looks to have different size than the standard one. For example, this light here: seems to fit better on the standard tail. Thank you!
April / 06 / 2010
Yes it fits, It is the Same part, a Different picture with completely different perspective

 Hi, does the lights have DOT/SAE numbers?Does it fit also to Hornet MY2011?Thank you
February / 22 / 2011
Your bike is listed in the 'Works on my bike?' section, this products fits your bike. Please Note: the simbol '-' before or after the year means 'backwards' or 'forwards' the year. It is not DOT / SAE marked, these marks have no value in EU, it is E marked

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