Matris F12R Fork Cartridge Kit R for BMW R nineT

Matris F12R Fork Cartridge Kit R for BMW R nineT

Matris F12R Fork Cartridge Kit R for BMW R nineTMatris F12R Fork Cartridge Kit R for BMW R nineTMatris F12R Fork Cartridge Kit R for BMW R nineTMatris F12R Fork Cartridge Kit R for BMW R nineTMatris F12R Fork Cartridge Kit R for BMW R nineT  

Manufacturer: Matris

Part Number: F12B307R

This part is produced or supplied only on demand, and until it is not ordered we can't know how long it takes to arrive. Once we receive an order we contact the producer or the supplier asking for ETA.

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This part is produced or supplied only on demand, and until it is not ordered we can't know how long it takes to arrive. Once we receive an order we contact the producer or the supplier asking for ETA.
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BMW nineT: Carpi Moto, in collaboration with Matris, has developed a specific suspension kit.
Having purchased the nineT, we drove the winding roads and scenic highways of Liguria. At first glance, the suspension was not up to the bike, especially if you consider the price range at which BMW sells this Café Racer.
The fork and steering damper do not, in fact, offer any adjustment, and the rear mono shock absorber is the typical basic OEM shock.
The road test confirmed our suspicions: before changing or adding accessories on your nineT, you need to upgrade the suspension.

Forks:  The main problem is that they have no hydraulics. It is possible to adjust the spring preload, but in practice you cannot adjust anything. All the work is done by the fork springs. When you brake, the forks compress all the way, and you feel the roughness of the asphalt. The front wheel does not absorb the road like it should, making your ride less pleasant, and leaving you with the feeling that something is not perfect but there is no way to change or improve it.
We have therefore developed a fork cartridge kit that will provide the adjustability of a high-end set of forks.
The road test with the upgraded forks has proved us right: now the front wheel is firmly planted on the road, the turn-in and cornering are significantly better, and the vibrations are practically non-existent. This Matris fork cartridge kit offers the same quality as the best aftermarket complete forks.
Update February 2015: we have introduced a new upgrade to the cartridge adding a Sport version which has a +15mm stroke, also we have installed the fork not leaving any mark, the result is a bit more handling and less load on the front.

Steering Damper: Why would the nineT require a steering damper? Our opinion is that the front will lighten too much at high speeds. Exceeded 140 km/h, air is felt on the chest and the helmet, the rear OEM shock compresses, and the front wheel raises. Therefore, in the case of head-shake or vibrations, it is essential that the steering damper keeps the handlebar firm. Over 200 km/h you must hold on tight and say a prayer (we arrived at 220 km/h and then let off the gas). Unfortunately, the stock steering damper is not able to counteract the vibrations. You need a professional product like Matris. On our bike we installed the top of the range: the Matris SD-R. Adjusted properly, we got the correct set up and are driving in complete safety with a big margin.

Mono Shock: The stock shock works directly on the swingarm without any linkage. It's the classic, cheap OEM shock, and it is not rebuildable.
We asked Matris to produce a compact, high-performance shock absorber, which would be fully adjustable. The Matris engineers exceeded our request. Their shock settings include : High- and Low-speed compression, height adjustment, rebound damping, as well as integrated hydraulic spring preload.
All adjustments are easily accessible and customizable. The system is so compact, there are no nitrogen chambers or knobs attached to the frame of the bike, and the rear frame can still disassembled as per the nineT style. We also changed the color of spring to silver so it would match perfectly with the swingarm and the nineT spirit. (You can also order the spring in other colors.)
The Matris shock does not include a mud guard, but we were able to re-used the stock mud guard. Please note this work should be done by a suspension workshop only and requires a specific tool.
The road test with the Matris shock was exciting. The bike now travels like it's on a rail. Out of the corners, on the gas, the rear is no longer pumping, and the tire stays planted to the road. In chronological order, after the fork cartridge kit, this is the modification that we recommend.


F05 Fork Cartridge “R” Technical Features
Fork cartridge cylinder 25 mm in diameter in Alu7075, with lapping and hard oxidation treatment.
Pumping rod 12 mm in diameter in Alu7075, with lapping and hard oxidation treatment.
Hydraulic end-of-run with cylinder 16 mm in diameter in Alu7075, with hard oxidation treatment, housed within the cartridge and adjusted by its own dedicated piston, with “Speed Sensitive” progressive curve.
Dedicated spring for different rider weight, with cataphoresis treatment.
Return counter-spring.
Adjustments: Preload spring mounted on axial roller bearings, with specific clicks and the possibility to act on the adjustments (+ preload -) without the help of the key.
Extension, with specific clicks.
Compression, with specific clicks (complete valve in place of the original, included in the kit).
All internal and external components are machined in Alu7075, with anodic treatment.
Fork cartridge is supplied with a bottle of oil specifically developed for racing (Motorex Fork SAE 5W); kit is for one bike.

Copyright Carpi Moto srl

  Customer Questions & Answers
 I'm looking at Matris fork cartridge kit for my R Nine T. Is there a different spring for different rider weight ?
I developed this cartridge on my NineT with Matris engineers, we started with a 8.5K spring , but was too soft, now i'm using a 9.5K and my weight is about 85 Kgs with gear. We can supply with every spring rate, I suggest not under 9.5K.

Hi, what spring rate should I use for the front cartridge if I weight about 70kg?Regards,Peter
YOu shall use the stock rate, 9.5 K . Otherwise with a softer spring the negative SAG is too high and you should preload the spring and finally the damping will be too hard (tested personally on mine NineT)

Does the fork kit have both pre-load and damping adjustment? 
Sure, both legs have Spring Preload, one leg has rebound, the other has compression.

 Interested in your products after reading BMW R nineT forums. I'm struggling with the stock setup. It seems the greatest benefit would be to sort the front end. I am 95Kgs + gear, (say 100 - 105 Kgs), occasional pillion to the coffee shop or luggage for long distance days. At 60+ years would like comfort AND predictable cornering when I tip in at speed. What sort of spring rate and do I need any 'must have' bit other than the kit.Thanks Peter
On my Ninet I found that I need both front cartridge and rear shock. On Front I'm using 9.5K springs and I think they are the right Rate. Regarding rear i changed the rear shock because driving on highwys the air over the head and chest pushes the rear down and there was no way to set up the stock shock. In Australia we have just shipped one set of cartridge and one reaer shock, I think you can google around any forum you can find the Matris / Ninet owner I'm talking, if you can't find it I can ask our customer if we can provide his email to you.

 Do you recommend 9.5K always or you have a table? Thanks
Yes I recommend 9.5 but we can provide other rates.

Whats the preload, compression and rebound settings you recommend for this cartridge with 9.5K springs? Rider weight about 90 kg?
Good Morning, you can find them in F12B307R.pdf . You can download it in the page of this product.

 I read specs on to kits for the R Nine T, which is the right one, or both work? one is 25 mm the other 20 mm. Also can i just change the front forks and keep the rear shock stock? will it be a noticiable difference? I am spending a lot on alpine wheels thinking this will help to, like the r nine t owners forum says. thank you
Good Morning, one works in rebound and one works in compression. They are perfectly suitable with OEM fork. It's recommended to change rear shock. You will notice many difference between this fork and OEM fork.

Hi, I have ask you already a number of questions, so thank you for the answer. I would be interested to know how you would view Matris suspension in comparison to Ohlins suspension for an R nine t.Thank you,Klaus
No idea, I have not tested Ohlins

 Apologies. It's nighttime in Australia. Had a few wines and forgot to ask an important question. Is installation quite easy or do I need a full on mechanic?
It is easy, requires a basic mechanic skill and a basic tools. Requires for example a Torque drive Wrench

 Would like to reconfirm for your product. The fork cartridge which handles the Rebound, is installed on the right, while the cartridge which handles the Compression is installed on the left?Is there any known issues if its installed the other way?
Yes correct install is like in our pictures. Any other installation is a mistake. As far the forks are the same I don't think it will be a problem but nobody told us they do so far.

 Hellohow long will it takes for the delivery after an ordering, and which viscosity of oil are you commonly using?
ETA is usually 10 business days. Motorex Fork SAE 5W .

 HelloThank you for your fast answer.Again I have any questions.-what is the difference between the F20 and the R version?-For a more comfortable road aimed use which version would be the best choice?regardsLaurent
There are many differences, piston size for example, stroke (sport version), fine adjustments for R . In any case you choose two premium parts. If the price difference is not a problem choose R, F20 is already a massive improvement btw.

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