Led Indicators Mirrors, for Sport Bikes with adjustable 24-68mm fixing bolts

Led Indicators Mirrors, for Sport Bikes with adjustable 24-68mm fixing bolts


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Part Number: CM.MRU014

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Universal Mirrors with Led Indicators.

2 bolt fixing, adjustable from 24mm - 68mm
Dimensions: bracket 90mm, total height (with bracket) 265mm, base without rubber protection 85mm X 27mm

In-built LED indicators , White when Off, Orange when On

FAQ: I want to buy Led indicators: Do I have to buy Resistors ?

  • If you are replacing a stock Led indicator with another Led indicator, you don't need anything else, you don't need to purchase resistors..
  • If you are replacing a Bulb indicator you need resistors. We suggest to install Resistor Kit for Led Indicators TXKR01, because includes 4 clabled resistors and is easy to install.
  Customer Questions & Answers
Hi, I have an 09 R6. how would i install these lights. Where are the wiresand where do they connect to. Are there installation instructions? I'd like to know how difficult it is to install before buying.Thank you.
October / 18 / 2009
These mirrors are quite simple to install, just connect wires coming out from the base to the stock wires, you should buy a resistor or hazard flasher. There are not instructions (not necessary)

salve,vorrei montare questi specchietti su la mia honda dn-01 secondo voi vanno bene ? ho un interasse di 58mm. e viti da 6mm. grazie ??
October / 09 / 2013
Stando alle info che hai scritto non vedo controindicazioni.

 is this mirrors fit the sym gts 300i F4 ???
February / 13 / 2016
No idea if they fit.

 Good day, Can you please send me the E-mark certificate of this mirror model, CM.MRU014?We are very interested in using these mirrors on our vehicles.Thanks!
June / 22 / 2022
On Indicator: E11 50R-00 1304; on Mirror E9 001048

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